I teach courses in modern American history at the University of Connecticut- Hartford. I am affiliated faculty in American Studies, Urban and Community Studies and with the Africana Studies Institute.

Upcoming Courses

Summer 2022

US History since 1877- May 9-27

Class #1124 – Online

Book: required- Give Me Liberty! Brief version, 6th edition with Inquizitive access

Sample Syllabus: History 1502 Online

Fall 2022

all classes offered at in-person at UConn Hartford

History 1502- US History since 1877

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 9:05-9:55am

Book: required- Building the American Republic volume 2. free version here. hard copy available through bookstore

History 2810- Crime, Policing, and Punishment in US History

Sample Syllabus: History 2810, Fall 2021

MWFr 1:25PM – 2:15PM (Hybrid)

Recent Courses

HIST / AMST 6850- American Studies Keywords: Crime, Policing, & Punishment (graduate course)

Reading list.