mass incarceration in america: advocacy, art, and the academy.

I am excited to be an organizer and speaker for a major event at Temple this fall. We are working hard to bring together top scholars, community members, artists, and activists for a day of rich conversation about the nature of America’s addiction to mass incarceration and what we might do to break it. You can find updates and further information about the event on our facebook page.
Mass Incarceration in America: Advocacy, Art, and the Academy
Conference and Teach-In
November 29, 2012 9-6 pm
Temple University: Tyler School of Art
Mass incarceration has been growing at an alarming rate throughout the United States for over thirty years. Although crime rates nationwide are falling, the industry of mass incarceration continues to expand. As we spend more on prisons than we do on education, the purpose of this teach-in is to educate the general public on the impact and stigma of criminalization this industry has on our

urban communities, public health, and sentencing laws.

Through illustrated lectures by nationally renowned scholars and inmates including Dan Berger, Todd Clear, Ernie Drucker, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Marie Gottschalk, Kay Harris, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Donna Murch, Melanie Newport, Raphael Sperry, Heather Ann Thompson, Tyrone Werts, and Mumia Abu Jamal, we will discuss the criminalization of communities, and the impact of that criminalization, through a range of perspectives grounded in the interests of Temple’s local communities.

This free day-long event will also highlight the implications of race, prison labor, and private industry within this important national debate.

Temple Contemporary has selected a number of works by artists including Aja Beech, Mary DeWitt, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Jackie Sumell, and Herman Wallace to complement and contribute to the day’s discussions.

Mass Incarceration in America: Advocacy, Art, and the Academy was initiated by Temple Contemporary’s Temple University Programming Advisory Council and is supported by Tyler School of Art, Temple University’s Architecture Department, and The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Temple University.


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