larouche on LEAA.

Sniffing around the internet yesterday, I came across a fascinating article from Lyndon LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review. Published May 10, 1974, it outlines the many ways in which LaRouche (or the unnamed author) believed that the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration was intended to facilitate a military coup in the United States.

LEAA has been a source of intrigue for me these last few years. Historians haven’t written much about it, just a passing sentence here or there. I once talked to an archivist at the National Archives who didn’t know what LEAA was. LEAA hasn’t gotten much historical love… yet.

Yet Lyndon LaRouche certainly thought it was important. Nothing like a little quirky inspiration from the past to keep me going!


One of my favorite things about conspiracy theorists is their confidence in the capacity of government, and those in government. I mean, Rockefeller couldn’t even win the presidential nomination. But wouldn’t it be crazy if the University of Washington campus police were in on a military coup? Jokes aside, the transnational comparisons here are meaningful and maybe even a little prescient. Not everybody was on board with the construction of the carceral state.


That said, I’m guessing that the records on LEAA’s involvement in the San Francisco zombie murders are probably restricted.

Full Text here.


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